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 Pretty sure I can successfully crochet a basic beanie now :DDDDD

Considering that's the only reason why I wanted to learn in the first place i'm pretty happy right now. I can't do anything fancy like a rim or earflaps...yet. But still! step in the right direction

Thank you youtube video. you have taught me more than my mom did in two months. 

Let's hope 2011 will be better

 I'm happy to say that 2010 is over with. It was a really rough year, and i've probably cried more in that year than five years combined.
I'm so over it, but it makes me sad that issues I've had with both of my parents have to be carried over to 2011 as well.

I'm really mad that I don't get a choice of if and when I get a car. If i get a car, it'll be mariana's piece of shit camry that was made in the 70s. Really, dad, really?

it breaks down every fucking month and he expects me to pay to keep it running. i'd rather have a bike. I can't afford insurance, rent, groceries, and school. There's just no way. So as much as i want a car, i don't think i can, I can't. I need to wait till i know i can afford everything because even if i got that car its not guaranteed that i'll find a job right away, if at all. I don't want to start off this year by not being able to pay any of my bills on time because there is too many of them. I've been fine without a car so far, i'll just make it work till i am in a better spot financially.

It bums me out, but it's something i have to accept. A car just isn't in my cards right now. I don't think it will be till I got a decent job.

Anywho, New Year's Eve was really fun. I'm glad I went.

My resoultion for this year is to be in shape. Marie and I are going to do Zumba classes which is like latin dancing exercise that people can burn over a thousand calories in one session. Hopefully it won't kill me.

Hopefully 2011 won't kill me.

I think that we need to hop on this themed party dinners, guys. I think it'll be fun =]  

I need opinions

 Finals are kicking my ass...as usual, but i think i'll survive. 

So I know Valentines Day is still a few months away but I want to make two kick ass playlists for that oh so special day

One playlist will be, of course, lovey dovey let's make babies because we love each other and its valentines day songs

And the other, of course will be I hate my life so lets get drunk because i have no one and everyone just fucking blows songs

haha...the titles are still in the works

I would like input for both of the playlists and then i'll put the final products up here on valentines day.

Can't wait to see what you guys suggest 


Hope everyone is surviving finals! 
 My dad got approved for the PLUS loan..which means I'll be able to stay in school :D

I"m really relieved right now, and super excited for my classes next semester. I have the perfect schedule. No class on monday! Whoo hoo

I'm almost done paying off my credit card bill, and once that happens I can buy my books with that. So things are finally starting to fall into place. 


I'm alive, I promise.

 So I haven't updated this thing in like foooeeeevvvverrrrr


I'm addicted to facebook and twitter though. 

I hope ya'll have an awesome halloween like I did. Marie's party was amazing.

I mean, we made a toast to Dumbledore. TO DUMBLEDORE!! haha that's how trashed we were.

And then there were this guys who dressed up like Spartans  from 300 and every time they missed in beer pong they would yell out "SPARTA!"

It was hilarious. 



 as in did I scare you? It's October, bitches! I haven't done anything halloween-y yet! No bueno.

Anywho, I don't have class today, so I have some down time to update this a little bit. Nothing too exciting is going on. It's been pretty boring. I've decided that I love my Juvenile Delinquency class though. It's a lot or reading, but I never mind it. I had to watch this movie called "Boyz in the Hood" and it made me cry. Obviously I knew someone was going to die. It was about gang life, of course someone dies, but IT WAS SO SAD. Awesome movie though. 

In my English class I have to go see "Dracula" downtown sometime. I wish I could be more excited about it, but I don't have anyone to go with. Awesome. 

Karen's art show starts up tomorrow! I'm so excited for her. I hope I get down there before it comes down. I want some of her prints for sure. They're just mad expensive. All of her work is done with oil paint so...yeah. I'm hoping that she'll have some prints up for sale that won't kill me money wise. Her art is up for two months so If anyone wants to come up with me we can totally make the schedules work =]



 Just hears My Chemical Romance's new single.

I don't know if I like it or not. 

So Mallory and I are totally going to the Papa Roach/Skillet/Trapt show! WHOOOO (edit: SNAPPP Bought that ticket for under 20 bucks! Thank god for presale tickets!)

Then Marie, Ashley, and I are going to 3oh!3 in November WHOOOOO

Then in December is Jeffree Star with Ariel WHOOOO

It caught me in a stretch

I stole the meme from Julia. Basically take a picture of yourself at this EXACT moment with no photoshop. Thank goodness I put on makeup this morning. :D

 Today...was not a good day. For me, for a lot of my friends is wasn't good either. I'm sad. I'm telling my dad that i won't be going back to school after this semester is over soon. And i'm nervous. Wish me luck?

Anywho, I feel like making a playlist of jams i've been into lately. I would do the whole sendspace thing but i don't know how to do the linky things...so ya know. youtube this shit if you don't have it

Hey Montana - Eve 6
You - The Pretty Reckless
Dirty Diana - Michael Jackson
Losing Tonight - Rad Omen 
Damn Girl - The All-American Rejects
You Make My Dreams - Hall & Oats
E.T. - Katy Perry
Sugarbaby - Morningwood
Obvious - Hey Monday
Blackout - Linkin Park
Nothin' Good About Goodbye - Hinder
Chelsea - Stefy
Turn it Up - Stereos 
Like its Her Birthday - Good Charlotte (how could I not have a GC song? )
Its Tricky - Run DMC
You're Gonna Go Far, Kid - The Offspring
When Doves Cry - Prince


Schools for fools

 Just kidding. But seriously, I'm happy the first week is over. My classes are okay. I know at least one person in each of my classes so i don't have to be that awkward girl sitting at her own table. Aha. 

Me and Mallory already hate spanish. And Religion..oh boy. My professor is like 88 years old. I just don't find the catholic religion that interesting? I'd rather be learning about Buddhism because that shit just blows my mind. Thich Nhat Han is the man!

I've been hitting up the gym everyday. I'm really proud of myself. =]

I really really want to get another piercing. I have an addiction. Or maybe a small tattoo I just don't know where...or where to go to get one. *sigh* I don't get paid till the 22 which is a bunch or horse shit!  Buuuuut around that time i'd like to get another piercing / tattoo. who wants to come with me??

I hope everyone is feeling better and that school is going well for them =] I'm sending good vibes your way